Rada 1

Click image above to access VR tour of Studio 1 facilities

  • 110 sqm live room
  • 68 sqm control room
  • Pro Tools HD 12
  • Universal Audio Apollo 16 interface
  • Neumann 310a Studio Monitors
  • UAD octo

Rada 1 is our premier studio space. It is one of the largest recording spaces in the state and it boasts an exceptional array of vintage/modern instruments and equipment. The studio is perfectly designed to record large or small ensembles live. Alternatively the large space allows artists the freedom to spread out, make themselves comfortable and experiment.

Rada 2

Click image above to access VR tour of Studio 2 facilities

  • 35 sqm control room
  • 20 sqm live room
  • Pro Tools Native 12
  • Universal Audio Apollo 8 interface (expandable)
  • KRK V8, Yamaha NS-10 Studio Monitors
  • UAD octo, Soundtoys, Waves Horizon
Rada 2 has been specifically designed to make it as easy as possible for artists and producers of all skill levels to create and capture music. Our goal was to create one of the most functional and BEST value-for-money studios in Australia.
Rada 2 comes with an industry standard tool set that will allow you to record and mix an entire ensemble.  The studio is equipped with world class outboard and an array of vintage and modern Microphones and instruments for every need.
We are also able to customise your studio requirements depending on availability of equipment from our larger collection.