Rada Studios is a multi-spaced music hub nestled in the heart of West Perth.
Owned by local producers Matt Gio and Dan Carroll it boasts an exceptional collection of vintage instruments, microphones and outboard. This, combined with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere allows Rada to accommodate artists of wide and varied backgrounds . Whether you’re an international touring act or a local bedroom producer, we value your needs and experience equally and strive to provide whatever creative tools and environment you require to take your production and performance to the highest possible level.
Rada is more than a building to record music in, its a vibrant and varied musical community that opens its doors to artists and performers of all levels, whilst striving to provide a product and experience of unparalleled quality both locally and internationally.

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Profesional Mixing

No matter who or where you are, you can send us your raw recording data for us to mix. We are experts in a variety of genres and have plenty of tricks to help bring your tracks to life whilst keeping in mind the aesthetic you have created yourself.
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Most Competitively Priced Studio In Australia

If you thought a world-class professional recording studio was out of your reach… try us! We challenge you to find any similar sized studio and equipment list for the same price in Australia. Contact us for a quote.

Multiple Spaces For Hire

Whether your a solo bedroom artist, professional producer or a international touring act we have a range of spaces, equipment and expertise to enable you to execute your artistic vision efficiently and comfortably. See Studios for a walkthrough.

Versatility and Open-mindedness

Rada represents the vision and benefit of the unique partnership between multi instrumental producer engineers Matt Gio and Dan Carroll. Their combined interest and experience covers a wide range of genres and workflow, whilst maintaining the necessary open mindedness to continually challenge and innovate the record making experience. Rada offers a premium services where Matt and Dan collaborate together on select projects.
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A Place For An Experience

Old Blood Live @ Rada Studio 2016

Bison Lowlegs Live @ Rada Studios 2016

A Place for Artists