Rada Studios prides itself on providing a tailored studio experience to the wide ranging needs of todays modern studio clientele. Whether you’re an Ableton producer looking to expand your pallet through analog instrumentation and outboard processing, a singer songwriter who is building a track from the ground up, a large ensemble who require a complete live recording solution, or an established producer looking for the perfect project space, Rada recognises that your needs and requirements are specific and individual and in doing so seeks to customise our services specifically for your project. Below are some of the more common questions we get asked, but feel free to shoot us an email for further info.



Can you mix songs I have recorded myself or elsewhere?

Of course! This is a very easy process. Matt and Dan have years of experience mixing in many different genres. We also have many excellent digital and analogue tools at our disposal to help bring your tracks to life. Contact us to get a quote and then simply upload the files to us.

How long does mixing take?

It can vary greatly depending on the number, length and complexity of tracks. Please contact us to discuss your specific project.

I have started a project at home, can you help me finish it?

Yep! A large majority of the projects we work on these days have begun in the bedroom. This combined with the facilities at Rada and Matt and Dan’s vast experience can make for some wonderful results.

Can we record to tape?

Rada is one of the few studios in Western Australia that is setup to record to tape. We have a 1” 8-track MCI and a 2” 16-track Ampex machines. Please contact us to discuss whether this would be appropriate for your project.

Can I run my stems through your outboard?

Yep! Easy! Just bring them in and we can print through any of our available outboard.

Do I need a band to record?

Not at all. Many of the artist we work with come in by themselves. Both Dan and Matt and accomplished multi-instrumentalists and can perform/create the majority of either a classic or modern arrangement. Alternatively we have a large community of session musicians that we can arrange for you to hire. This coupled with our excellent collection of instruments can make for some great results!

We want to capture our sound live. Can we do this at Rada?

We love recording bands live. Rada is well equipped as set up to do this. Please contact us though as it may not be the best option for your project.

Can I work on my laptop at your studio?

Please do! One of the primary focusses for Studio 2 is to accommodate producers/artists that need a professional environment to complete their projects. Just bring your laptop in, install the UAD device, plug in your thunderbolt/firewire and you will be automatically hooked into the entire system.

Can we rehearse at your studio?

We do offer professional rehearsal services in Studio 1 though it requires that the entire studio be booked for a minimum of one day. Many national and international touring acts use Rada for large-scale professional rehearsals and so we are well accustom to doing so.

I’m a Producer, If I hire the studio can you help get me started?

I’m a Producer, If I hire the studio can you help get me started?
Yep! totally. We always hang around the first few hours the first time anyone hires the studio he help show you around.

How long is a day?

We usually work 8 hour days but obviously we can discuss this further if there are deadlines that need to be met.
Studio hire also works on 8 hr days but can be extended to a 24hr ‘lockout’ at a small fee.

Can we hire the studio for a concert?

Rada does on occasional hosts performances, however there are many conditions so please contact us for more information.

Do you offer internships?

Not usually, though contact us about a program that we do run to help incoming engineers and producers.